We, humans, are creative in nature. We grab every opportunity to put our ideas into action, and to use those creative ideas in our everyday lives. But there is a question how can an E-Learning professional design and develop e-Learning courses that take advantage of the learner’s creativity, especially when dealing with subjects that may be tedious for the learners? Here are some ways of listening that could be made interesting.

  • By encouraging the learners to share ideas through discussions in an online way

The experts should give the learners a platform to express their views, and opinions and more importantly use their own creativity because creativity cannot be learned but inherited from the surrounding around us. Experts must guide their thoughts and form a practical scenario over the ideas they provide and share in the class.

  • By integrating storytelling into your teaching practices

Creating stories is always a good way of explaining something because it forms an emotional connection of the learner with the characters in the story and people tend to learn fast in such a manner. It is always a creative way to make the topic or subject easy for the learners to understand and they can apply these in real life as well.

  • By creating group alliance projects
  • Now it is important to form group alliance projects to develop a sense of unity and teamwork in the group. As TEAM stands for (Together everyone achieves more), it is important to delegate work and have everybody’s opinions on the task, Experts could project tasks such as blog making, creative writing, and movie editing. In this way, people connect and develop by putting more effort so that their effort counts amongst all.
  • By using “remnant” to crumb learner’s artistry in the online classes

Experts should use “elicitation”; It refers to pulling out crumbs of creativity, opinions, perceptions, and ideas within an individual. In an online class, it is important for an expert to help its students learn and be able to express themselves in the class and also to make sure everybody participates in the art of communication, perceiving and reasoning.

  • By designing synopsis and pretension that exasperate their novelty

Scenarios stimulate learners to scrutinize the restraint of their perception, to conceive creative blends to common challenges, and to see the real-world benefits of what they are learning and perceiving. It is important for an expert to make pretentions iteratively so that the learners have the chance to see how problem-solving slants yield different results.

  • By integrating music and sound into the E-Learning courses

Music and sounds help the soul to calm and soothing sounds help to integrate comprehension into meaningful patterns and arouse our brain and help it stimulate successive progressions to process in the mind which helps us perceive things quickly. To make lessons less tedious and just not academics oriented, it is important to integrate into diverse fields in Online learning.

  • By creating an emotional attachment with their learners

The proficient must accord their learners something they can itemize too. They must embrace real-world examples that tweak at their heart ligature or pictures of the work stead to make them relate to the subject matter. They can also create an emotional attachment with them so that they know it's safe to utilize their artistry and imagination. In this manner, it helps learners to form a connection with real-life problems as well.

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